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MediaMaster is a full-featured media delivery system for schools. It is very easy to use, with support for everything from VCRs to the most modern video-on-demand technologies. With Media Master, you are assured a flexible and manageable system that seamlessly integrates with your school's network.

The MediaMaster Advantage

  • Empowers teachers to make effective use of their school's media resources, directly from their classroom computer.

  • Works with any modern browser, any platform. The client software is a standard web application.

  • Fully manageable from anywhere – across the campus or across the world, the Linux-based server and web technologies employed minimize the need for on-site technical expertise, keeping costs down.

Where To Go From Here

You can:

  • Learn more about the MediaMaster system.

  • Try a live online demo of the client software.

  • Contact your Bogen sales representative to get more information, or to arrange a live demonstration.



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