The Bogen Multi-Graphic Series 2223R Centralized School Sound Systems are complete, self-contained voice and program control centers for schools and institutions. They are available in configurations serving from 25 to 175 loudspeaker-equipped locations.  The control centers feature two-way intercom capability plus distribution of public address, program material, or emergency announcements. They are engineered to provide versatility and reliability, and include provisions for optional configurations for maximum system flexibility.

The intercom channel is rated at 20 watts and features a frequency response shaped for maximum intelligibility. The intercom channel is completely independent communication between the control center and a classroom and does not interfere with the distribution of program material to any other classroom. Series 2223R provides one program channel. Step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow color-coded guides are provided on the front panels for easy system operation.

Emergency announcements require only the operation of a single push button, take precedence over all other functions, and are transmitted at a predetermined level.

The modular design of the Series 2223R permits custom configuration to individual institutional requirements, while simplifying maintenance and service. Modular design permits an increase in system capacity, or the addition of Bogen options, to meet the changing needs of the facility.

The basic Series 2223R system components include the MCP35A control panel, the SBA225 room selector and annunciator panels, and the CDR1 CD Player and AM/FM Receiver. A power amplifier is included for the program channel when the room selector capacity exceeds 50 stations.

Call-in switches are used at staff locations to call the control center. LED and tone announce calls at the control center. Call-in switches with selective privacy prohibit monitoring of the classroom from the control center but permit the room to be called. An optional configuration uses telephone handsets and permits control center-to-classroom and classroom-to-classroom phone communications via the control center. Provisions are included for voice call-in and light annunciated call-in on two-conductor shielded cable.

The SCR25A accessory permits the use of existing call-in switches, which do not contain SCR holding circuits.

Provisions are included to distribute a tone signal over all speakers, to announce classroom changes, etc. Other options include emergency paging from a telephone, interphone, or microphone, alarm signaling, loop priority (interface with satellite sound systems in gyms, etc.), expanders to increase the number of microphone and/or auxiliary inputs and six-circuit time signaling.

The Series 2223R system is available in a 42", 61-1/4" or 77" upright equipment rack.

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