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Interconnect all facilities within a single school campus or throughout an entire district. Because Quantum is Network-based and VoIP-enabled, you can leverage your existing LAN to interconnect classrooms or administrative offices from other facilities, as well as make All-Call announcements into facilities from remote locations such as B.O.E. or administrative offices. A centrally located main rack system is the heart of this administrative communications system which sends messages from administration to stations set up in rooms throughout the school. Stations include telephones, handsets, ceiling speakers, and call switches.
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Bogen's Pro Audio line of products, Apogee Sound, provides the highest quality audio reinforcement for either indoor or outdoor use. A wide range of speakers include powerful fixed, portable, flown, subwoofers, and even floor monitors. Whether analog or digital clocks are desired, Bogen Time Systems synchronize time for all clocks within your school or even in nearby buildings such as transportation depots with the use of global TCP/IP Networks.
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Bogen has the sound and communications equipment your school needs including weatherproof metal horn speakers, wall-mounted speakers, high-fidelity speakers, ceiling speakers, microphones, lecterns, and a large assortment of product accessories. On-site or remotely located, a school or school district's media center maintains sole control and physical location of media equipment (DVD players, VCRs, etc.) and media resources (DVDs, video tapes, etc.). Using their Internet browser, teachers request media and digital video to play on their classroom monitors.
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Hardly noticeable, educators wear a microphone that transmits his or her voice to ceiling speakers so that it is distributed at full strength to all students in the classroom despite intrusive background noise.
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